Why gamers shouldn't hate NFTS | From an esports team (2022)

Hey everybody. This is Tyler and I am one of the co-founders of stranded unicorns and the overall stranded vers. So we are trying to make content and have conversations with other NFT creators that is meant to help shine a light on some really positive and good things happening in an NFT space. I think a lot of people focus on.

A few of the negative things, which there are definitely plenty of examples for, but we think that NFTs are always getting better and there's a lot of really cool things happening. Cool use cases, some really cool projects that for whatever reason or flying under the radar from the super height machine on, on Twitter.

And so we just kind of wanted to have conversations with other founders and creators. Cool projects that are doing things that are interesting to us, and hopefully it gives you a chance to see what some of the people behind the scenes are working on and why they're working on it, and the struggle that they're going through.

And if this gives you a little inspiration to go build your own project, that's great. You can hopefully learn from us and, and what we've gone through. And at the very least, just get to know some of the founders of projects that you might find. Interesting. So this one today is with Dan from. They are, uh, they're doing a lot of things.

Giga hub was a e-sports team, a media production team. They build custom PCs and they're definitely in many different ways at different facets involved in the gaming world. They have a lot of ambition to build a community of gamers, to bring a positive attention, to NFTs much like us. So it's a really good fit.

Them and us, and we have a lot of shared or the same and shared value. So we look forward to seeing what they're working on and what they're building there in South Africa. And so it's really nice to meet people all around the world and, uh, yeah, without, without any more, I'll let you watch. Oh, and actually the, uh, the type of content that we're making, if this is something that you like or would find interesting, please like, and subscribe by doing that, it lets the algorithm know that what we're doing is something you might be interested in.

And we're going to try to have as many. The founder talks as we can. So please let us know what you think in the comments or subscribing like, hi guys, my name's Jade. My name is Brad. My name is Daniel and welcome to gigahertz.

Hey, everybody not sure how many are on here listening and seeing them trying to figure that out. Okay, cool. Yeah. So it looks good that we can see comments here. I don't know if Dan, if you can see it, but I have Dan from giga hub and we're here to talk a little bit about what he's working on and his team, his project.

So I'll just let you jump right into it. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you're working on. Yeah, what's up guys. Thanks for having us really appreciate the opportunity. Um, so basically what gig hub is, is. Originally, it was a gaming organization that kind of dabbled in it a little bit of, um, e-commerce, I'd say a side hustle obviously to sustain because every now, like there's a lot of organizations that use sports organizations that are in the scene internationally and locally for us.

We based in South Africa. So, um, we kind of did a little e-commerce thing on the side, just selling products on Twitter, Instagram, uh, and through our YouTube. So, yeah, we started off as an e-sports organization based in South Africa. And then, um, last year I got involved in an NFT project called anybody's as a content strategist.

Uh, from there, I learned a lot about the salon, um, ecosystem and I kind of grew up a passion for the community itself. Um, and myself as a, as a game, uh, I thought it would be a great opportunity to. To bring the two together, uh, which we saw, um, I think it was flipped. I got the wrong name, wrong. I think it's either three or one of, one of those.

There was another international, uh, e-sports team that came in, which didn't actually attract, like, which we'll probably get into. Um, they, they kind of battled to sell. We also saw, so I think that's a good topic to bring up, but yeah. So with giga hub, from an NMT standpoint, um, we looking to not only onboard e-sports players, but also just grow like a fun gaming community on Solano.

Uh, project isn't a game which a lot of gaming NFT projects are. It's more of a community of gamers that are in this, um, which is one of the main reasons that we always launched. The project is just to, to show a game as like, there is potential in the crypto space, specifically salon, which you've seen with pub pub G is just, um, brought on, which is a huge, huge game changer.

Um, yeah. So from that, we've got a little community of gamers, or we do some game knots. We have a VR arena, um, towards acute, towards the end of Q2, we hoping, or we probably gonna have our e-commerce store, which you can purchase products with salon, Ethereum, uh, your basic payment systems. And then we also going to integrate our token, which, uh, you can earn from staking, our NFC, which then you can spend on our e-commerce.

Yeah. And you said something just a minute ago. I, I, I saw on your white paper as well, and I think that a lot of people are rushing to build a game, to connect a lot of like  protocols and took economics and things. And I found it pretty interesting. And to be honest, I'm kind of excited to see like your community building aspect because it's, it's one of the most commonly used words right now.

I think in the NFTs, like not even to do with games, just anytime somebody drops in a. Project they're talking about the community. And I do think that what's happening in discord is really important and that you need to have that. But I think a lot of communities, the best communities are the best because that project currently has a higher floor than the men price was.

And I think as soon as the, the floor price dips, the quality of the community dips and I, so it was really interesting. I saw that you were going to try to offer real real-world utility. And the form of like, um, I forget the words the way you used it, but like being able to invite people to come like play games with you.

And there was gonna be like a half pipe in the facility, right? Like if you wanted to talk about that, that's not a kind of cool. We haven't been to. Um, so like I mentioned before, and, uh, giggle hub was a business before the entity entity. Just an expansion of the brand itself. So we, we had a lot of this in our, well, I don't know if you would call it a roadmap in like in normal business strategy, but, um, we had a lot of this stuff planned out already to have an e-commerce store.

Um, obviously once wave three became a huge thing. We were like, we had to jump onto this cause it's not from my understanding. There's not a lot of businesses that are pushing website. Especially if I'm like gaming or components or PC builds, et cetera. So, um, we were going to do an e-commerce store before the NFT, and then we also going to be building, uh, hopefully building a physical store in Johannesburg, uh, towards the end of next year.

Uh, which if you're locally based, you can obviously come in for free, use our PCs for X amount of time, uh, get access to. Uh, half pop the streaming room, et cetera, et cetera. So that's one of our longterm places to have a stall where people that all hold us can physically benefit from. Yeah. I honestly think that there's going to be a lot more of that in the next few years.

I, I think that something really cool about how international NFTs are like, you know, within our little community, we've have people all over the place and it's really cool. And, but if we were to try to make like, uh, so I kind of want to see how your, your project handles that. I'm sure you have a fair amount of following in Johannesburg, but how is it going to be for the people who don't live there?

Like what do you know? And I saw that you were offering about flying people out for certain circumstances, and I think that's, that's really cool. And, um, so yeah, I think the next few. Somebody or groups of people are going to start to innovate around that, how to make that in real life aspects, coordinate better with an Ft.

So, so a lot of the things that you're saying, I've, I've found pretty interesting and, and, um, yeah, I'm looking forward to watching it really fast before we get into like more gaming stuff. I was wondering why did you specifically choose salon? I saw you kind of alluded to it for a minute, but I just want to hear a little bit more thoughts on, on that.

Why you chose Solana over Ethereum or, or one of the other chains that's kind of gaming is starting to take on. Yeah, I would say, um, our main reasons for going in Solano was mostly because of my involvement with, uh, anybody's as digital fashion brand. That's a hope launch last year, I was just creating content for the teams.

I wasn't. Uh, involved in a F founder or co-founder position, I was just behind the scenes making content. Cause that's, that's originally way. My passion is, um, uh, in a media production company. So I'm involved, uh, from that side of things. Uh, so that's how I really got into salon was through, um, a mate Elliot is the founder.

Uh, he, um, yeah, he was like, yeah, I want to do this NMC collection. Uh, I've got this crazy artist. Um, so. You kind of just sold, sold me the idea of salon and then also like, just from working. Well, obviously once he told me about it, I did some more research I found out, like you don't even have to pay anything for the gas fees.

And so that, that for me was a big selling point because I was on east before that. And like I was paying. Like two minutes. I was paying the same price for transaction fee as I was paying over three paying double for everything. And then also I think it's winter. Like, I'm not sure where it's at now. I'm totally like out of that space, but it was at like $250 just for one transaction, which is.

Yeah. I know when we were like trying to decide what, what chain we were going to build our project on. We, like, it's hard to ignore the amount of volume and in people that are active on east compared to Solana, especially like in August when we decided to do it. And, and, uh, but it really would've came down to is we want it to be, uh, very accessible and appealing to a broad group of people, not just.

You know, the people who were looking at a $10,000 floor price for some highly collectible. And so, you know, it just, it, no matter how we looked at it, it was likely that our NFTs were going to be lower cost than gas. And that was, that was kind of one of the straws that broke the back for us. It just didn't feel right to ask a community, to come participate with something where the transaction fee was higher than the item that we were trying to sell.

So, yeah, it's a, it's, you know, I'm kind of asking everybody who's been coming on of. Um, why they chose the chain they chose. Cause I think a part of the content is just to show like how this process is made and, and how to get into it from a technical perspective. For some people who are thinking about trying to start an NFC project or an artist who wants to try to sell digital art.

So, you know, hearing some of the insights for, from actual founders, I think should, could be helpful, but yeah. So thank you for sharing that, but now I kind of want to get into gaming, like selfish. I'm really interested to hear your thoughts because, um, I'm not sure what you like. There's this, this website Kotaku, and they've got a particular writer or a few writers who, who loves to talk about how bad enough teas are for gaming and how.

You know, these, these bloodthirsty studios are trying to milk everyone dry and just looking for ways to make more money without offering anything back. And while that may be the outsider's perspective and everybody's entitled to their opinion, I, I see so much opportunity to make like some of the best parts of like skins and different, different engages.

Items that either have nothing to do with actual gameplay, but just kind of let you flex, like how much you care about your character, what it is that you want to do. And that that's kinda like the spirit of what we're trying to do with our project. So I really love to hear your thoughts on why gamers hate NFTs.

Why are some people in the gaming community hate and FTS and what you think it would take to change people's minds? Cause it sounds like that's something that you're trying to do as well. Yeah. I think, uh, like from a local standpoint, we also have. A big backlash. Um, cause we, we kind of had like this following of almost 2000 Twitter followers before we started the NFCS.

Uh, so we, we would see like a lot of people were like a bit of hesitant, but as soon as we started to educate more of the gamers, they kind of understood like where the potential is. And personally like are probably spent cause I'm a big quality player I'll probably spend close to. A thousand dollars, just on common point where like on a token, which can potentially increase in value or you actually get something back in terms of like trading like CS, go for instance has a good position there.

Yes, it's locked on steam, but you can still have that trading volume. So like going into crypto is that's the next biggest thing. Like, it's, it's quite a small thing to talk about now, but I feel like maybe even the next five years, it's going to like, SCARA skyrocket quite a lot. Cause we seen grocery consoles also integrating into the battle battle will yell.

And then obviously, probably which I mentioned earlier, those are two big ones that are going into the NFTs. Yeah. Yep. Like tell me what you think about this. So my, my brothers, we are co-founders and, and together we own and manage our project and something that we've like been saying, and a lot of other people say it too.

The two of us really believe is like a, I think it may end up being more played to own than play, to earn, right. Like play and earn because I agree. Yeah. That's what I was going to say as well. I wonder what you think, because I think that there's a lot of value. And like skins and end game assets that may even have nothing to do with gameplay.

But I also think that there's opportunities for gameplay to get a corporate. You don't, I mean, you've got to play that play to win or pay to win line a little bit carefully, but I think that somebody is going to be able to figure it out. And I think that like what, you, you kind of nailed it on the head with something you just said is to be able to at least get something back.

Like if say you're done with the game or for whatever reason, you kind of want to start fresh and, you know, start from the bottom or whatever you could sell the things that. You know, in invested in your, not just your time, but your actual money too. So like, what are your thoughts on that? Yeah, I definitely agree.

Um, like you said, like, if you, like, for me, for instance, now I don't even play chord anymore, just because of how much time I've dedicated to the salon and the projects working, um, select for me, you just spend over a thousand dollars in the last two years on Cod points, like to be able to solve that solos.

To somebody else which then can use it. Like, it just sounds so much better to do. Like, instead of just now you uninstall the game, you never play it ever again, like Alicia. There's value forward. And, you know, I actually see like a mutually beneficial type of situation where when you do like, say you, you put in a thousand, maybe you only get 750 back for whatever reason, the market's down, you know, fill in the blanks.

And just like you said, you didn't stop liking the game. You just have another life event happened that pulled your time and resource like your available time away. And so there's not like a negative relationship in any way. You just know. I want to be able to get something back and say, you're happy with $750, you did lose 250, but you get something back.

You're going to probably walk away with a very positive feeling. We may come back, but now, you know, the game creator, whatever game, they get a little loyalty on every one of those sales going forward. So everybody I could, I could see it. Where everybody's looking at studios is very greedy and they're, they're trying to take without giving back.

I could see how that is the way it looks against the last, like 15 years of all the different ways that like freemium and all the things that are happening in the gaming world, where it just kind of feels like it costs more for a lot of them. Exactly what we were just using on the, on the previous person.

Right. Like I get a lot of that stuff, but, uh, I just, I guess I'm an optimistic person who's seeing what it could be. And so, you know, I, I like talking to an actual, like gamer who's get their insights. And so do you have like friends who are definitely against what you're trying to do? And they're like, what are you doing?

Why, why are you doing this? Do you have any experiences like that? I think I've done pretty well at convincing my mates to get into the crypto space. Um, but like I said, we did have a bit of backlash. Uh, from some of the community in South Africa that just said like, NFC is a scam. It's just, you, you guys have missed doing it to try and make a quick buck.

And then they went on and on and on. But also I do see like great potential going forward with our all event. Like your big CDL tournament's way. Now, if your organization has some entities and you purchase them, you can now get VIP access for free for that specific vein. So they will be a big driving, uh, like drop for that in the future.

I do see obviously now with COVID it's still like people still going, getting used to the idea of being around other people. So it will take some time to get back into that, uh, trying to think of. Yeah, that, yeah. That's, that's cool. It's really interesting to hear like your, your point of view. And I, and I wonder, like, what do you consider like a home run?

Like just the absolute best case scenario the next year, the next three years for you and what you do. Cause I know I saw on your website that you're selling like custom PC builds and different things like that. If you want to keep doing that or is that like what you're doing to keep the lights on and build a fund, what you're doing, or like, what's your, what's your strategy going?

Yeah, I think, uh, four giga as a whole, um, Stephanie too. Create, not only a platform for gamers, but also streamers, which is why we've incorporated a creative bundle for you a token. So essentially you can purchase like YouTube banners, overlays, Twitter banners, just to make your like creator account more professional.

So not only for gamers, but also for. Um, creators kind of to build a hub that's that's like why we got to play on words, gig hub to build for these individuals to not only like connect on this call, but also hopefully an IRL events and we can all kind of just mutually benefit from each other going forward.

Really? Yeah. That's awesome. What do you like, what do you want to like, do you like, do you want to be the, like, you want to host your own. Like, uh, competitions. Do you want to like grow and expand the team? Like to be like a really big e-sports team? Like what do you, what do you envision like your path and, you know, next steps, I guess.

Yeah. Sort of from, from outside, we, we would like to push more create, uh, content, uh, which if you actually check out a YouTube channel we've, uh, in the past, Now we still are working on like creating really high quality content. Um, we do have some content creators and we do have, uh, some local, uh, e-sports teams.

We have a CDL halo and then a war zone team. Um, with, with this NFC collection, we were looking to get international exposure and hopefully like people saw interest in our organization to hopefully, um, other joining us. From a, as the e-sports team war contributes by expanding the Solano and the sports and entertainment centers.

Yeah, that's, that's awesome. I think we have a lot of like shared vision and goals. So is there anything that we could do, like our community or people who see our content, uh, to like, what would you ask us to do to try to help like go participate by one, uh, your, your NFTs, like w w w how, how could we help?

Yeah, I'll definitely say, um, just like, like, of course I would love it if you guys want to NFT, but at the end of the day, like we trying to. A better crypto space and being salon so easily accessible, even just like a retreat or a lock or comments that goes a long way, especially in that space because we have such, I wouldn't say it is a small community, but obviously it's quite, quite big, but just being able to like interact and communicate and share everyone's story, especially as gamers, because at the end of the day, Maybe in five to 10 years, majority of this platform is going to be gamers.

So that's why that's one of the things about being the first. It's always going to be backlash, but obviously with Tom, like at the end of the day, I do believe gaming is going to be neck and neck with crypta in the future. Yeah. I, I, it's hard to imagine that sometimes now with some of the negative stuff that comes back with.

The environment and, you know, money, money, grubbing, greedy studios, and things like that. But I do think there'll be a gradual, um, adoption and understanding when, when really good players, like not like actual play, like when good actors in the space do good things that are not just for their own benefit, but for the benefit of their community.

So I think that's why I was pretty excited when I was reading. Um, like your, your white paper and everything is the amount of energy and attention to building the community and benefiting the community. So, so yeah, I'm, I'm glad that we got to know each other and I hope as, as we grow both of us, side-by-side in the Solano ecosystem, we can, we can stay in touch and hopefully our communities can, can do some fun things together.

Yeah, definitely. I think also one of the main reasons, like there is quite a lot of backlash at the moment. In the last year or so is mainly because of everything that happened with phase. Uh, well, not phase itself, but obviously a few of their members, um, which they obviously have a big following of gamers.

So just because of what they did, it definitely put a dent in our development, but everybody, everybody makes mistakes. I don't want to like make excuses for them, but yeah, I think that was definitely also another. The worst scenarios that happened. Yeah. And I know recent, like actually Infiniti had one of the largest, I think maybe it was the largest, like a security breach.

I don't know exactly how they worded it. My, it was like $600 million worth of a Ronan and ease than USD with. Stolen because they were trying to bridge or I forget all the details. I was reading a little bit and then I got distracted, but you know, a lot of people are trying to say like, oh look, this is the best.

This is the best NMT game out there. And you know, so yeah, I think that every time there's an example of something bad happening, they're going to the media is going to talk about it and use it. But I think at the same time, there's going to be 10 examples of people like. Kind of under the cover of like, nobody's really watching just yet because they're new and they're building, but then eventually there's going to be 10, 20, 30 really good situations that a lot of people want to jump in and oh yeah, by the way, you get to own the stuff that you bought and played with and used for, for a lot of fun.

And at the end, if you, if you have something in your life, You can try to sell it and get some of your money back. If not maybe a profit. I don't think that anyone should be guaranteeing a profit, but just to be able to get something back out of your time and investment compared to what's currently happening is going to be, it's going to be hard to, it's going to be hard to not see that benefit, I think as time passes.

For sure. I definitely agree with that. Yeah. Well, great. Yeah. Thank you so much for talking and, and, um, you know, I'm, I'm realizing here on our stream yard, which is a service we're using. I'm not able to really connect with everybody on Twitter and it doesn't look like Twitter is able to, to show, uh, comments.

So sorry. If, if people were asking questions or anything like that, we'll try to figure that out. It looks like something that Twitter just doesn't allow. So, uh, you know, next time we'll do someone on YouTube will where people can come ask questions. We'll go see that. But yeah. Thank you everybody for joining.

Thank you so much, Dan, for coming on and talk with us and good luck to everything you're working on and hopefully we can connect again. Yeah, thanks so much really appreciate having me. Well, sulfur, definitely think we should organize a collaboration. Looks awesome from what I've seen. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah.

We're really trying to create a space that other founders can come in. We can try to help people who want to get into NFTs and hopefully show some good examples of people like you trying to do, do it in a good way. So yeah. Thank you so much. Awesome. Thank you. Yeah. By subscribing and leaving a comment, let us know what you think.

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