How this artist got into NFTs | Jump In Now!! (2022)

Hey everybody. This is a great conversation. I just had with Daniel, from creatures, which is the very first NFT project on Salada. Not necessarily the first NFT on the chain, but first project first played at earn project. And they're going to be the first NFT salon project on open sea as well. So we talked a little bit about how.

They were building a project before Phantom wallet exists before any NFT marketplaces existed on Solana and the challenges you went through. And a few other things that we think are going to be happening in the world of NFTs. Now that open sea has salon and on their marketplace. So really interesting conversation, super grateful to have him on.

And I think what he has to say is really helpful and. Hey everybody. It is, uh, me Tyler with, with shredded unicorns. And I'm here with Daniel's one of the founders and creators of creatures, which is the first ever salon. And FTE project. And they're also going to be recently updated from yesterday, I believe is going to be the first and empty salon project on open sea as well.

So we're really grateful to have you here on our channel and, and I've got a lot of questions, but before we get into that, I'd love to let you maybe talk about yourself and your role and how you got into NFTs. How, uh, you know, what kind of just a little bit about your project. Yeah, absolutely. So first thank you for, for inviting me.

I'm very excited about, uh, our discussion today. Um, so thank you for that. Um, yeah, creatures is Solanas, you know, first NFT project and also played an earn game. It's both a collection and a text-based RPG where players can up. Collect breed, clash, trade, and sell. Um, and you know, we're, we're not, we're not trying to create a silo of fun.

So we've integrated about 45 other collections into the creature verse into the game. Um, so if you have an NFT in any of these 45, uh, collections, you can come in and play the game, play the game with us. So I am Daniel Charpentier. I am the founder of creatures and one of the developers, uh, we actually have, we brought on, uh, Alex, uh, another team member, a full snack.

They have, uh, recently, uh, a couple of months ago. So he handles all the front end stuff. I handle all the backend stuff. Uh, and then, you know, our, our team we've got Lena or community manager or marketing lead, and then we've got a couple of community managers, uh, James and Nico. Um, and then our original artists who we.

I come back to, uh, from time to time for additional work, Alyssa and Sandra on were just amazing and bringing, um, these creatures to life. Yeah. That's awesome, mate. Something you said, and I noticed as I was just researching a little bit before our talk is, is you've integrated other projects. I didn't realize it was 45 other projects.

What, what does that experience like? How do you integrate them and how does their community get involved with creatures? Yeah, so the integration at this point in time is pretty. Created a pretty, uh, streamlined, robust, uh, integration process. So really it's, we need your mint list, um, which, you know, we're all accustomed to having anyways, cause you need that to get on like magic Eden and whatnot.

So we take the med list and then we run it through our pipeline. Um, and it essentially like we'll grab the, you know, the NFT itself, metadata, whatnot, and bring it into our database for, uh, for the. Um, so that takes about a couple hours. So usually like when we get it, we can get people in, in the next day.

Um, and, uh, and then, yeah, it's, you know, when you connect to the game or log onto the game, you connect your wallet and then all of those NFTs within this collections are just going to show up. Um, and, uh, and the game. And then as far as joining, um, you know, we've reached out to, uh, Yeah. You know what, we've probably reached out to the first two or 300 projects, uh, on, um, solo analysis or I think, uh, what are they called now, hyperscale or whatever.

Um, just inviting them to, uh, to join the game. And, uh, and we're continuing to do that today. And then, you know, we finally gotten to the point where the UI is sexy enough. Um, we're providing enough value where, you know, collections are coming to us and saying, Hey, you know, how can we join? Um, and, uh, and again, You know, at the end of the day, like we're trying to provide our ultimate goal is 15 or 30 minutes of joy for you per day.

Like if we're not able to do that, our content isn't fresh enough, we don't have enough things that are interesting for you to do for you to get that. Then we're not meeting our goal. Um, and, uh, you know, we're, we're not trying to reserve, um, you know, that fund for creature owners only. So. Any the ultimate dream is any salon NFT out there in existence, you know, creature being an option for some, some funny.

Yeah, that's, that's really cool. I think, you know, we're kind of ramping up this new style of content. So this is only my second interview like this. And so I'm kind of figuring it out as we go. But, uh, one of my, like two of my primary goals is to kind of demystify a lot of the negative myths around NFTs.

Like I'm sure you get a lot. If we have a video on Tik TOK. It gets a lot of views. We've got like at least 50 comments of us being scammers re-upped polars. And they, they don't even know, like we gave ours away. We airdropped ours away for free at the, at the beginning. So, I mean like, people are very quick to look into that negativity and I actually think that's become easier for us since we launched in December.

So I just kind of want to hear your excuses. How has that been surviving all the waves that have happened. And for those who don't know, um, I think it was the 26th, right? March 26 was your one-year anniversary. So, so this is, this is a true, true Selana NFT. Oh, gee, you've been through. The different ways.

How has that been? How have you kind of dealt with that? Cause like, uh, one of the other aspects of content we're trying to make is like helping aspiring and Ft creators to get through some of the hurdles and challenges. And I, it's hard to imagine somebody who's been through as many as you. So what, what kind of advice or suggestion would you give to be able to deal with some of that?

When, when they do hear that. Yeah. You know what, so w number one is you're you're right. Like you're going, going to, it doesn't matter what, what you create or where, or whatever you could create a, you know, uh, a vaccine that cures, uh, unimaginable diseases and prevents deaths, and you're going to get, get that hate.

So what you do is one, you, you become very good at creating your templates for the responses. Cause it's usually. The same 50 things over again. Um, and then after I answer it and the team is the same way we answer some new thing, we put it in the template and then in the future, You know, we'll probably ignore a lot of it, but sometimes it's a little more irritating.

So we just pull out the template and drop it in there and then go about our day. Um, cause it is, you know, as a lot of the same stuff over and over again. Um, but at the end of the day, it's just, it's just realizing that, um, there's always going to be a hater. If you go on. Th the great pyramid of Giza only has like four stars.

Like the great pyramid of Giza has four stars. If you look at like the Atlantic ocean, there are negative reviews for that. Um, so sometimes I go back to that, like when I'm having a tough day, because of, you know, some of that negative comments, I go pull it off. I'm like, you know what? That's, it's the great pyramid of diesel.

If they're getting crap, then you know me and in our projects, uh, we, we can do. Yeah, no, that's, that's got to play. I saw there's some guy in tick-tock who like makes skits that read those reviews, those negative reviews of like the pyramids and things like that. So yeah, that, that is funny. And so, and kind of, I think pretty correlated to that is over the last year, I imagine a lot has changed with metroplex and canyon machine.

Where were those even around when you, when you were building. No, it was four for us and the other early projects that report after us, it was a giant pain in the butt. Um, there we, we came and there were a couple other, uh, early projects that come after us, but, you know, we came, um, Mediplex did not have.

Phantom did not exist. The, the, you know, came the machine gun, dumb, drop, all that tooling that we take advantage of today, um, to either get your art or your creation on the chain, um, or even generate the images or, or whatever. Like none of that totally exists, uh, existed at that time. So there was a lot of, um, just figuring out like, how the heck do I use.

How do I automate minting and SPL token on the salon, a blockchain that has a max quantity of one with no decimal points. All right. Now I figured that out. How do I automate the generation of these images and all of that? So, but the, the, the common thing that will apply to everyone today is it doesn't matter what you're creating, what you're billing.

You're going to have a series of challenges. Um, and I just like to take it like one impossible thing at a time. Um, and then, you know, uh, a, a good thing to do is as you complete these, these challenges, as you overcome them, you're, you know, you complete the, you know, check off the items on your, to do. Don't just like, delete them.

Don't nuke them, like keep your completed to-do list somewhere. So you can see that progress over time, because it will like over time. You're like, man, this is like the 17th impossible thing. This month I'm getting nowhere. You can look back and go, oh wait, you know what? I am making progress. Cause look at this giant list that I've already, I've already been through.

That's really good insight there. So, so you like a full rust developer then like full on Russ developer. I may have salon or the Sony ecosystem is amazing. There are like tons of giant giga brains, uh, building some amazing things. And, um, and they're building like amazing things like Onshape programs and whatnot.

And that's your watch developers? Um, no, we, we and my, you know, myself and. Um, you where you are, you're like the typical, um, you know, react next, uh, web three developers where we interact with the chain. Absolutely. We use the on chain programs, but we are consumers of what the giga brains and the west developers are building on Shane.

Um, and, uh, um, so no, it's, it's pretty, uh, it's pretty exciting, but now we're not building on chain programs. Um, just yet that's kind of our team as well. We've got a really. Flooded developer who's, who's been able to, he built our platform, but when it came to, I mean, when it came to integrating with metroplex, which was, was a challenge and we had to go to hash lips, which is where we found a developer who is now like, I would love to, I would love to go to hire this guy.

He's very talented. He's very helpful. And he actually has helped create the minting function for like angry armadillos in a number of other big projects. So he's, he's been super helpful. And that's kind of a thing I was going to ask about is. Go network and find like, how did you find your, you said Alex was your front end developer.

How did you find him? Yeah. Uh, you know, I thought Alex are upward. So, uh, uh, and he is flipping amazing and yeah, he's been with us for months. So I very much, um, uh, someone introduced me to actually, James, one of our community managers introduced me to, uh, to Lena. He found her, her who was our marketing leads.

She's worked at like Facebook and other amazing places. Um, Nico was just a part of, one of our community managers and it's doing. The game aspect itself and game mechanics and stuff. Um, he, uh, he was just part of the, not just, but he was part of the community and over time it was like, Hey man, you know, Pretty darn smart.

And you believe in what we're trying to do. Can you, do you want a job? Um, so, uh, yeah, it's just, I very much believe in, um, like sharing everything I know. Um, and I'm very introverted, but you know, sharing everything I know, not expecting anything in return will help build your quote unquote network and you will just be surprised how.

That's uh, the returns, the unexpected returns you will get from, um, G just being kind and sharing. Yeah. Yeah. That's it is so funny you say that is, um, I kinda had a very similar experience. We we've got a lot of really active community members who have done on their own, a lot of things to try to get us out there on Twitter and get us out there and Instagram and, and, uh, just, just by, by watching some that we did ended up.

Kind of our, we were trying to think of what his title was the other day. It's kind of community manager, but he also does some development. I mean, he's, he's done a few things for us, so yeah, it's, it's been, I think that's been my favorite, like surprise so far. Is how much we've got back from the community.

When I wasn't, I didn't go into it thinking I was going to get anything. I went into it thinking we just got to make this as good as we can to make it worthwhile for those who put money in. But it's like, like, you know, we were looking around like, man, this is like 15 people. Who are talking more on discord than us.

They're probably doing so. Yeah, it's just, it's really cool. I didn't know how, how, ah, if that's happening for other communities as much. Cause I'd never really been as involved as I am in my own community as, as other communities. But have you noticed that kind of thing too? I have, yeah. I very much noticed like, uh, the, the sharing aspect, um, and like, uh, No, no, no, not always, but there is a, a high percentage of like, we can win together kind of feeling throughout the community.

Um, the larger salon of e-commerce, uh, and yeah, people are just talented as heck. And like you said, like our, our community members, uh, moonman quirk had made a couple of videos, um, for creatures just on, on their own, um, uh, just to share and I'm like, man, You're like really fricking talented position full-time job.

And can I, can I pay you to, to make some more and, um, yeah, it's just amazing. Um, man, how smart, uh, the community is. Um, so yeah. Yeah, and to that point, I didn't really ever consider it until we were already like knee deep in it, but everybody here is kind of an early adopter. They're pretty, they're probably technically.

Familiar with a lot of things that are happening just cause there's, there's just not that many people here yet. So it's, it was not something that I really like thought about ahead of time, but it was, it was a nice surprise to just see how smart, so, I mean, we had some security. Then we ended up solving in like a group on discord of, of like members who were like, yeah, I've got like in their name, they got seven unicorns.

And they're like, oh, I check this thing out. And I'm like, wow, like who is this? I don't even know this. I've never talked to him before and now he's helping us solve a security problem that we didn't even. So, yeah, it's, it's been really, uh, that's been a really fun part, I think for me. And it makes me even more motivated to try to keep going.

And, uh, and keep growing like that. So, so on this note, I would say, you know, just to maybe clarify, make sure I'm understanding what you're saying is to somebody who's thinking about it is to try to like, thinking about making a project who needs to find these other members getting out there and networking and connecting is it seems like probably the best.

I guess like genuine way to really meet and connect with other people. Is that what you, is that what you're saying? Yeah. Um, like participating in, you know, the communities that are similar to what you envision and you, you want to want to build, and then, you know, I'm not, you know, don't get me wrong. I'm not talking about, um, uh, going and like, you know, working for free or whatever.

I know, like. Um, you know, uh, you know, a lot of talk about that, like, oh, you gotta go. And whatever, like, you know, essentially like give up 40 hours of work on top of your real life and real job to do whatever. Like no, but participate in the communities that have the same tone and same goals as you. Um, and then you're going to, like you said, you're going to start and seeing these names over and over again.

You know, we have. Players. We have thousands of, uh, uh, active players and thousands of, you know, on Twitter and whatnot, but you have. You're a hundred fans, right? Like those people who are consistently, always there. So in these communities that you're participating in, you're going to see, you know, that communities, those hundred fans and what they can do and, and their talents.

Um, and, and then you'll, you'll start making, you'll start making friends. And let me tell you, like, as introverted as I am, if I can. Then it is possible. Like it is not something that I am strong. I struggle with it, a great deal. And my, my team or the team helps me a lot with that. Um, but yeah, participate and you're going to start seeing those names and, and, and reach out to them.

Like that's the hardest thing is just like initiating that content, that initial. Yeah. That's I think that's cool. I think that's really helpful advice. So hopefully, hopefully somebody hears that and it helps them out there. I kind of want to move on to, uh, I, you know, as we're talking, I'm like selfishly wondering what made you choose Salana at that time, when the theory was still kind of getting going, but had had a lot more traction and probably development support and all kinds of all kinds of reasons to choose Ethereum over salon a bit back then.

I'm just wondering why you chose. Yeah. So there, there, there were a couple of reasons. Um, so one I've always, uh, you know, I've always been a little bit of nerd and if you're in the crypto bubble, you're, you know, whether you're a marketing nerd or a graphic designer or a computer, whatever, you're probably a little bit opener to, uh, if you're in this space and that's a good thing.

Um, but I've always been out a little bit of a nerd, you know, certainly into a crypto from the very beginning, uh, I wish I could find those hard drives where I know I was mining Bitcoin in the beginning and just playing around with it. And those are gone in a heap somewhere, but, uh, um, anyways, You know, over the last couple years, we've all had, you know, some extra time to do things, right?

Like there's a lot of people baking like sour, sourdough bread and stuff like that because of what we're going through on the planet. Um, so at the end of like 2020 in the middle of all of that, and I'm like, you know what. I've built little things for work. I built little things for myself, but I've been a project and program manager for a long time, uh, delivering and working on a team to deliver things for others.

I want to take something that I built and take it to full cycle and experience that whole thing. Am I crash and burn, whatever, but I want to experience the whole. Um, so, um, but I knew I wanted to make something that I could deliver. Right? Like I'm not EA games, the team isn't EA games there, there's probably like three whole projects in the entire ecosystem that are like at that level.

Right. So like, what can I deliver that I think is fun. I play TechSpace RPGs. Um, so that kind of seemed to be a natural fit. And then it's like, all right, well, you know what. I'm in the crypto. So how can I combine them? And, you know, I, um, uh, played around like crypto kitties and whatnot. So I'm like, all right, you know, what, you know, in Ft integration would be an interesting thing.

Um, and then finally to the blockchain. So I feel. Very passionately about the next step for the entire ecosystem. Like if you look at the bubble, the overall crypto bubble, it is, and I don't mean bubble is like a negative connotation, but I, you know, our space is actually very small compared to. The entire planet, right?

Like there are not that many people in our space in our industry. Um, because there's, you know, it's so new, there's so many barriers or barriers. And when you're talking about like Ethereum, like if you want to get into that space, this space and use something on Ethereum, you have to be comfortable with.

I could lose a hundred dollars in a, for instance, in gas fees, trying to buy something or do something. And if it fails, I don't even get the money back. So like that when you're talking about like mass adoption, in my opinion, it's like, I know what's coming with it, the airman, how they're going to evolve.

And I think that's amazing. But at the time that was my, my decision. It was like, all right, I want to build something where the tech kind of fades to the background where it's open to everyone. Um, and the only way that I'm going to be able to do this is if it's fast as hell, uh, heck. It doesn't, you know, you're not risking like a ton of money just to participate.

Um, so for me, salon has seemed to be a natural fit. One of my favorite cryptos can you had just moved to Solano so that, that all of that came together and like no salon is the best fit for us. Yeah. That's very similar kind of like strategy process for us. I think I was, uh, I was never like in a theory of maximalist, but I was like, man, open seas, like when, when we really decided it was like August, so it's a different.

And then I open seed was not nearly as big in January as it wasn't August of last year. But for me, I was like, man, there's just so many more people there's so much more happening on, on. But like, my brother was really kind of pushing, cause we, we kind of have a unique like customization aspect, which every transaction would be very expensive and it's meant to be more fun to engage in play with.

And then I was trying to get in on like some meant, I felt like I was going to be able to get a quick, like a quick flip kind of thing. And I spent like 450 on gas and I lost it just like you so funny, you said I was like $450. I didn't meant it failed transaction. I was like, we're going to of that. I like made the decision right there.

That was somewhere in September. I can't remember. Cause my brother had already been put like he and I partners on this. So that's, it's so funny. And then in general, like we are. App developers like we're we're website and the app developers that was like our, we had an agency and we decided to be an NFC company in August of last year.

And so like we're UI UX people. And I couldn't agree with everything. You've just said more because I think that to bring the billions right now, maybe we have a million. Right. Which is. Substantial compared to I guess, 12 months ago. But to say that it's ready for mainstream, like coming from a UI UX perspective, it's just, it's just not there.

Like you got to go to Coinbase, you got to buy something you've never heard of. And then you got to wait 10 days before you can move that to another thing you never heard of either met a masker fan. Right. There's just, there's just too many barriers of entry. I, in my opinion, but I think it's coming, like, I'm a very optimistic person around all of this.

I think it's coming. I think people like you and everything that you're saying. So want to go tackle a big problem and push the pile forward is how we're going to get there. So it's really cool. Like listening in talking to you. So on, on all of this note, pushing the pile forward, uh, what do you think about open seat taking in salon and FTS?

What do you think that's going to do to the Samana in a NFT ecosystem? Yeah, so, I mean, I think it's gonna remove, uh, a. Uh, point of friction for anyone that currently uses open seat, like they have, I don't know the exact number. I know their volume is insane, so I'm sure they have, you know, a million couple million users.

Um, and yes, like those users can very easily take their theory. Um, throw it, throw it through their ether, throw it through a wormhole. You know, converted to Solano, to soul, uh, news Phantom. Like, yes, there are steps today that they could have taken, you know, in the past year, um, to buy sole NFTs. But like you just said, like, there's so many steps that now it's just, it's just there.

It's just available to them. Um, so I think like, Opening or broadening the base of, uh, available users, your, your total addressable market. That's a good thing. Um, and it's also a good thing from a competition, like a standpoint, like, you know, typically when there are, you know, uh, multiple competitors, Um, that that typically is good for the end user.

Um, don't get me wrong. Like what magic Eden has been able to do since I think they went live and went like June is amazing. Like it's, they're, they're, they're fricking amazing. Um, and now with, uh, you know, this larger competitors. Maybe more amazing things are going to happen. Um, you know, no one's going to rest on their laurels or anything like that.

So I'm excited about the total adjustable market just being, uh, opened even, uh, or increased, uh, and removing that friction for them. Yeah, I agree. I, it seems like we, we've shared a lot of similar thoughts and values on this. That's pretty cool. And actually you just made me think of another question is what marketplace did a marketplace exists in March of last year for Savannah?

Uh, no. No, it didn't like there were so many, um, one like impossible, like challenges that, uh, you know, I had set up just for, you know, making an interesting collection and then making a game. Um, but then beyond that, I was like, There. There's not a place for them at the time. If you even wanted your collectors to see your NFT Phantom didn't exist.

Like there were no sites out there that showed them off. You had to, you had to build that. So you had to build them a way for them to even see it. If you wanted them to trade by purchase. I'm like, I don't want to make an Amazon. I don't want to make a wallet. I don't want to make a bank. I don't want to make any of these other things.

I just want to make a game. And an interesting collection for collectors. Um, and I just had my fingers crossed like, okay, let me focus on this and providing what I can now to meet some of these needs, but I need, you know, they need a way to buy creatures from me. And then hopefully, you know, fingers crossed a marketplace will come and this will come.

And thankfully it all did because. Things are needed, uh, infrastructure, um, but just not interesting to me of what I wanted to build. So thankfully I didn't have to deal with it. And they finally came out. You would have to go to our site, click the magic button to buy it. And, uh, Um, by your, uh, NFT and then, um, yeah, the automation of like you actually getting it, there wasn't even autumn automation for that piece in the beginning, like you would click the button, send me the money, send me the saw.

And then every day I would go and sins manually you, your, your creature. So we've come a long way. Yeah. That's, that's really interesting to, to hear. And, and I, and I think that's kind of what I'm hoping to do is to take stories like that and get people to. To realize that the path is being paid, it's becoming easier as time passes.

And like, I, I am a big believer of where NFTs could be and where, where things like, I think there's a lot of different camps. Like I think there's gaming art. I think it would be like transactional receipts, like people buying houses and cars through receipts and deeds and titles and things like that. So I, I get really excited about the gamification.

And the gaming side, right? Like I, you know, we're, we kind of created a gamified situation that will hopefully lead to games. And so I think, you know, we're on a very similar path. Like we, we, um, we, we had a lot of similar things. There were some things where like, man, do we need to build this manually?

Hopefully this feature, you know, so, but I mean for you to be there from a lot earlier, it's I guess it's really cool talking to you and I want to take up too much of your time. If you have anything else you want. Maybe share or some insights or wisdom that you wanted to share, feel free to let us know.

Yeah, no. Um, so yeah, they all, the only thing is like, I would encourage you to, if you have whatever it is, whether it's crypto or anything else, like you have some idea, like the general. Um, like I had no expectation. I still had a day job when I started this. I didn't actually like, not have a day job other than creatures until for the first like six months or so, um, where I was doing my day job during the day, and then trying to be the best parent and, uh, uh, husband as I could be.

And then from like 11:00 PM to like 3:00 AM every day doing this, um, I, I didn't have an expectation of. Well, uh, anything other than just like going through the journey and learning from it. And, um, if you have some idea, like it's, it's just put it out there, like it it's, it's scary, scary as heck, um, to do that and share it with the world.

Um, but you know, for me, it's just a very worthwhile thing to, to do, to, to go on that journey, build your thing, put it out there in the world. And then just the only expectation you have is experiencing the journey and potentially learning from it. And then if more happens than not, then that's icing on the cake.

That's an amazing thing. Yeah. That's this is a, this is exactly the kind of stuff I want to talk about. So I'm glad that we got the, to talk to you and learn from you. And I definitely, it's really just interesting hearing and learning from you. So I do hope we can somehow connect or collaborate somehow in the future, but either way, thank you so much for coming on and talking to us and good luck.

Is there anything we can do to help? Uh, you know, linked to something. Do you have any upcoming events or anything like that that we can bring attention to? We just finished our birthday event. We're working on our next events. Like if you're interested, uh, then you know, you can go to or hit us up on Twitter where, you know, creatures with a K and then, um, yeah, we've integrated, you know, whether you want to creature or not, we've integrated and you have 45 other projects.

So, um, we're getting close to the time of if you have any. You'll probably be able to play the game and check it out and see if it interests you. But other than that, I just hope everyone has a great day and I really appreciate you all. You inviting me. Yeah. Thank you. Nice menu. I will hopefully connect with you again in future.

Yes. Thank you. Thank you. If you liked what we just talked about. If you'd like to kind of channel that we're trying to make here, which is helping people see what's going on behind the scenes, um, bring down some of the negative myths around in FTS. We'd love to have you subscribe and like this video.

Thank you so much for watching. If you've made it this far.

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