Benefits of NFT customization - future of NFT projects? (2022)

Theo and Zack are the founders of an upcoming NFT project called Crypto Quest, and they are super interested in creating a customizable experience for their NFT owners. This is especially exciting for us since we also offer a customizable NFT experience. Their project is pre-mint so please get to know them and see how much they care about what they are building. It is great to see good examples of cool people trying to build something different and perhaps better than what the normal standards are at.

Hey everybody. I'm Tyler with stranded unicorns. And this is a talk that I had with the founders of crypto quest. And it's a really fun conversation for me personally, because our project offers so much customization and the ability for you to create your T character the way you want. And that's in a very similar way, but with a lot of differences, that's exactly what they're doing too.And I also think that our channel. Meant to try to bring a positive light to NFTs and, and all the good things that are already happening and all the good things that could be happening. And I think that what they're doing over there is going to definitely make the NFT space better. Their project has not yet meant it.They have a game that's also not out yet. And I think that getting to know these guys before their project comes out and their game comes out with. Helpful for a lot of people. And I also think that we've gotten some cool topics about customization and where NFTs could be going in the future. So I hope you enjoy the conversation.If you do, please consider subscribing to our channel and liking this video to help us get our content for more people to share what cool stuff is happening with. All right. Great. Yeah, exactly. Theo here with crypto quest. So if you wouldn't mind, maybe share a little bit about yourself and your project and what you guys are hoping to accomplish.Yeah. So I'm Zach and I'm a, the co-founder of crypto quest sort of operating as precedent, uh, at the moment leading, uh, a P2P, uh, Got a, kind of a groundbreaking P2P platform called crypto quest. And it's the world's first customizable at mint, uh, NFT characters. Uh, so everything from their cosmetics to their physical attributes and stats are going to affect them in game are completely, um, Up to the player once they knit.Um, and so that's kinda what we're working on. We're also working on sort of a mega burst gaming platform. We're going to have multiple games that users can contribute on. And so like kind of, sort of an economy of jobs system where, um, there's PVE and PVP and varying levels of rewards there. Um, so. Kind of talking to that, uh, talk about that soon.And, uh, Theo here is a co-founder my name is Theo. I'm a co-founder on the project kinda acting as vice-president, uh, doing whatever Zach needs me to do on top of some idea, culmination. Um, yeah. Yeah. Um, but yeah, I love to talk about the game a little bit more about the product a little bit more. Uh, right now we're focusing really heavily on, uh, well, we're focusing heavily on everything.That's kind of the, the problem is it's like, you know, you're, you're stretched so thin. It's tackling all these different things. Um, but it's been great to hire on some new teams that are handling everything. Um, but, uh, for instance, right now we're working really hard on the NMT infrastructure side of things so that users can.Uh, basically the way that it works when you actually mentor NFT is you get a blank slate and that's kind of what sets us apart is instead of it being a, what we've seen work in the past is sort of these customizable NFTs. You can upgrade them or you can change them in some way through mutable characteristics or something like that.But our approach is a little bit different where we're actually having point totals, um, given randomly to these entities. So you'll have, uh, staff points and cosmetic points given to your actual character. Um, and that's the only thing that will be revealed to you in. And there's actually two races, any race, I should say that.So there's humans and ELLs that we're releasing. Um, and these are the only things you'll know. So you'll know their race that you mentioned and you'll know how many cosmetic points they have and how many staff points they have. Um, and then when you actually. Customize your character. Um, you will be able to spend those points in order to completely customize their attributes.And this way you kind of have that rarity, that's that fun rarity incentive built into the framework without sacrificing customizability. I think what we really wanted to do is kind of rival modern games. Enterprises where if you have a game character, you completely own them. You completely customized on their yours.Um, and so we really wanted to incorporate that. And so that's something we're really proud of. And, uh, we're, we're spending a lot of time on right now is setting up that customization process so that users can really have fun and do that. And another thing it does sort of on the side, that's really fun is kind of creates this little micro economy.Uh, and then we've seen sort of similarly with cetera and projects like this, where they have. Tokens with unknowns about them. Right. You have like, it's sort of like, I like to compare it to like a comic book where it's like, oh, you, when you get a comic book and maybe it's in a box and you can't really see what's inside, that's sort of like your blank token.You don't really know what you're going to get. Um, and then you open it up and it has a grade on it, right? Like comic books have, you know, 9.5 grade, you know, it's, you know, iron man first edition, whatever it is. Um, so that's kind of the second stage of our NFTs where, you know, How rare it is, you know, kind of how good it can be, but you don't really know what's inside.And then sort of customization is like, you open it up. Now you can actually use it. Now you can actually play the game in our case. Um, and so it kind of creates those economies where people are going to be like, oh, I have a completely blank slate. No one knows what it is yet. It doesn't have anything that known about it.So you could open it up and discover that it's. Uh, a mythic or legendary. So we have them split into these different Meredy tiers. Um, so that's kinda how that works. So hopefully that's, uh, that's kind of some, I know there's a lot, but it, hopefully that's, uh, one part of the ecosystem that's simple enough to digest from.Yeah. Yeah. Something I'd like to pick your brain on because you know, one thing like my brother and I, uh, we, we really got into like, And like 2009 and 10. And we used to have to tell people our promise apps are going to be like, you're going to be using an app for everything. And people would say, Like no, like, you know, I can just go on a website or, you know, whatever it is that they would say at the time.And I remember we were trying to get an app submitted on the app store before apple allowed you to have subscription-based apps, unless you were a widely known publication, like CNN or something. So like there's always these clunky times of learning and education that take years. And like, we have data for like the last 12 to 14 years on apps and what's the best UI and the best us.So it's kind of building up to this question here is what we are finding is a lot of our hypothesis before we launched were that people would want to make all these customized approach with us. Ours is a, is a bit different than yours, for sure. Uh, but what we found is everybody flocked to different, different, like segments of, of our rarity and the customization.And then me, meanwhile, since we've launched, we found that a lot of people. Um, are searching for a profile pic. They didn't get a quick flip and make profit on and that's cool. There's nothing wrong with the collectability side of, of speculating. What's going to be worth 10, eight someday. And I meant it at like 0.07 and that that's cool.I'm not even like, I, I kind of participate in that sometimes, but I guess my, what have you found in your community building? Process to educate people because we are at this time, like we were, when we tried to get that app where we couldn't even have a subscription model before, even like the entities and the corporations have accepted it, let alone people who are just figuring this out as they go.I kind of feel. Like we're hitting our head against the wall sometimes, but as soon as somebody gets it, they're like, wow, this is, this is really cool. So from the perspective of people who are interested in finding new cool projects to buy an NFT, or even the people who are trying to build their own project, what would you say like is the process that is, is the best process to educate people on what it is that.Yeah. I think something that I've really noticed is, um, we were kind of going into it with the same optimism that, oh, people will want something new and cool that we're creating and, uh, innovating on really. And what we've also come to find is that same exact thing where you notice, um, a lot of people are just in it for the quick.Um, so it's kind of tricky because you need to advertise on both ends. You need to innovate because that's what you're here to do and you need to also make it profitable for the users right now, because that's what a lot of people are in the space for right now. Um, and so it's, it's definitely kind of like a, like a thing you have to manage on both ends.I think something that's helped us a lot, um, that I think a lot of projects aren't super hyper focusing on is. We started our discord in December, like early December, late November. And we've had a lot of time to really educate the community and really get people in the know before we even. Have launched the project really, or even announced a date that we are minting.And that helps a lot because you end up finding these people over time that really know your project and can do some of the work for you, where you go, you know, you talk about things in a podcast and they were listening. You talk about things in a YouTube video like this and they, and they watched it and then they can tell people, you know, in the short run, like, oh, you know, you.Like someone asks a question about how our customization process works. And one of those people in our community, you can just answer that question. We don't need a modern around all the time or to have all the information actually in their face at all times, because there's a lot of intricacies. Um, those community members that have kind of been there from the start have really, really helped us along.I think in educating new people in the project that are coming in. I think that's one big thing that we've. Yeah. And I think, I think just to add on to that another huge thing I think, and this is something that we had to have kind of growing pains with and learn, um, which is another big, uh, benefit. I think, of having the discord kind of early and learning the space instead of kind of, you know, I think a lot of times what we're seeing with the marketing strategy with these projects, which is there's something wrong with it, especially if you already know the space and know what you're doing really well ahead of time.It's kind of just making these like, you know, four week pushes, like, you know, we opened the discourse. We're going to push all the influencers to our channel and see what we can get. Um, so one of the benefits we've had is when you're making any kind of more innovative product that is a sustainable and more long-term oriented, um, you kind of learn, okay, how can we best educate?Because one of the biggest benefits to a lot of these, for lack of a better word, um, flash sale kind of want to get in on. Um, getting on the quick flip projects is they actually do have a huge marketing benefit, which is that generally their products are simple and well, sometimes they're lies. So it's even simpler because you get to make a million dollars by buying your token.You know, hopefully no one's falling for that as much, but it's sort of the same vein, right? You get to take advantage of the fact that you can say simple claims with little, little to no backing behind it and kind of communicate that education. So. Well, we've really found is like completely helpful is learning how to just simplify, simplify, simplify.Um, and it's definitely hard for us because I think we are system builders and we think in systems and we think of how do we analyze this from every boring angle to make sure it works while also making it really enjoyable when you play it. Um, but it's like, how do you communicate that to an audience?Who's going to look at this for two seconds, you know, external users who are going to look at this for two seconds. Um, and so a big part of our strategy. Right now we're building behind the scenes is we are going to do it sort of four week to six week push, uh, for our product launch. And we're holding back a ton of educational materials and very simple graphics and infographics, uh, that sort of explain how our ecosystem works in images that are super simple to digest and look at.So you can be like, oh, It's a three-stage NFT. These are the stages it's laid out very simply for our members. Um, how does the customization work? Oh, these there's these tiers there's, uh, you know, legendary mythic, uh, rare, uncommon. You have all these tiers, you have, uh, you know, your cosmetic to your, and your stats here.So all of these things are kind of laid out simply, uh, for the audience that it digests and we hope, uh, and we've seen even with just the feedback we've gotten from. Uh, that it's going to be a lot more successful in education, educating the audience. Cause I think you've definitely hit the nail on the head.Like that's a, that's a huge pain point for when you have a more complex system that you're building. Um, so it's definitely a challenge. Um, but uh, I think it's something that we're really making awesome progress on. Yeah, no, I, I I'm, I'm kind of preparing another video about how to build a community, like in the vein of like trying to educated people who are trying to do something, uh, kind of similar to us and what, what I keep coming back to is I wish that we spent longer in our pre mint phase.And I think that we never set out to do it in the four weeks. We actually, we kind of technically started developing like an August and we didn't launch till December, but we didn't publicly talk about this. Until late September. So anyways, like our whole build launch strategy was mostly around. Secretly behind closed doors.We didn't know how long it was gonna take us to build this. And so, so there was always like, we got to keep some things back. Cause if we over promise and then we ended up under deliver, that's going to be a big problem for us. And we helped, we wanted to maintain as much trust as we could. So I think there was just a lot of things that we did pre.That I like the education process. And I think it was you Theo, who said like once, uh, the earlier community members start answering questions for you. Like, we noticed that somewhere, like in the first couple of weeks, there was like 10 people who were just in everything that we were doing, they were there for, and that was awesome.And so like, as long as you're out there doing that, I think that a lot of people can, can get that kind of support is so long as what you're doing in school and interesting. And, uh, but, but what we have found, I think since then, The amount of customization that we've added to it. This is like, I'm sorry, I'm doing all these long buildups for these questions.I just wanted to create the context, but if we created so much opportunity to customize. And some people prefer a look. Some people prefer a class like a combo class within our attribute system. And some people prefer to be the highest ranking because each trait based off its rarity and our process has a power level.And like they clumped together these non cohesive traits. And so anyways, long story short, the resale ability for some of these. Has been much more challenging than we expected, because a lot of people want it to be the way that they want it. And some people wanted it to be a very certain way and nobody has made it that way.And so anyways, long story short, my question is how do you anticipate. Somebody who made it their own and then someday wanting to sell and that not being appealing simply because I didn't get to choose the way that it looks like. I think that we're going to have data for days on this and in five years, but right now projects like us are figuring it out as we go.So I just really love to hear your thoughts on that. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. I think that the, uh, like really big part of that is it's really fun to customize, but it is really tricky to get that secondary sale in if somebody has already made it there. Yeah. We're doing some interesting things, um, to kind of.Try and make up for that. One of which is we're trying to weigh in these, we have cosmetic tier and stop tier and the stat tier is the six main attributes you would see in D and D or your, or most traditional video games that incorporate stats, which is strength, dexterity, constitution, wisdoms. Um, and those are actually traits on the NFT.So you go in and you customize those. And the nice part about that is while it still has a little bit of that sense of, I want to make my character my own. It has a lot more to do with. How useful is the character in the game. Um, whereas the cosmetic stuff is a lot more making the character your own. So when people, when we start releasing our games and people realize like, sure, the cosmetic stuff is fun upfront, I think a big part of our message is going to be to push that the cosmetic stuff is really fun and it's valuable, especially if it's in a blank slate for me.Once people start customizing these, there's only going to be so many blank slates left to customize. Those will go up in value for that reason. But for that reason, the, um, the NFTs will keep value, ideally, because they're really useful in the game. Um, you know, it's like, it's like, oh, okay. I created a character.I made it early on. I customize the stats, but maybe strength is better in this game. Um, so I want to buy a character that has good strengths so I can do better in the PTE. Yeah. Um, so that's one area that we've kinda. Yeah. And I think, I think just to piggyback on those two things, so I think those are, those are the two separate kind of domains, which we are counteracting.What you kind of just said. I think in our system anyways, right now is the wand, the blank slate system, because I think the beauty of that is people are going to be very well educated on the fact that blank slates are actually sort of the most. As far as how these systems play out, they're going to become most valuable because, you know, if you look at any of these kinds of scratch off, um, type economies, like Zed run, what ends up happening is.People want to clamor to customize a character or have the opportunity to, they want that scratch off experience. Um, and I do too. I think that's super fun. Like when you open a pack of cards and you get like a legendary, but everyone wants to once that experience or the possibility of that experience.Um, and so because people know this and because people are going to be educated on this, it's going to create that economy of people hope, you know, preserving these. Um, and so. It's nice because if you're someone that's new to the ecosystem who wants to participate, you still have that opportunity to procure one of these unopened pack of cards, so to speak, or, uh, in our case blank slate heroes, um, and customize them to your, to your whim.So that's kind of the one way, um, but yeah, the other way I think is making it really clear through. Especially the metadata, what the value of the NFTs are sort of each respective of how you customize them. So, and I think that's the reason we sort of landed on our three tier system, essentially, which is that your hero tier, which is how your actual NFE here.Is valued. So it's, it's that, that's the actual common, you know, uncommon, common, rare, legendary mythic. I think I missed epic. Yeah. Um, so that, that's actually the, our descriptor for how valuable that token is. So we kind of put our own spin on that to make it very simple, to digest for our audience. So they can just look at that.Oh, the creators of this game ecosystem who are, who are making these tokens value, these tokens at this amount, because we know, you know, this is going to be valuable for end game. Um, and it's going to be weighted dependent on our determining process for. What's going to actually carry through this to the end to create value for the users.Um, and so what that ends up looking like is the stats, what Theo said, the stats are more important than the cosmetic peers, but we still have a weighted element to the cosmetic tier. So, you know, even if you have a. Maybe a crappy stat character. Um, there's still like the clout of owning, you know, this character that is a platinum.We have a different rating system for our separate cosmetic and staff years, but so who's was maybe a platinum in, uh, in cosmetics. So it kind of allows us to ecosystems to exist, uh, independently. And you can still prioritize those. For those users that will cause it will be like, oh, I want a platinum cosmetic to your character, that hero here to kind of tie down that value.And it's very easily communicated to everybody who owns, you know, Yeah. And it should also be noted. I think that there's ways to incorporate cause cause we're creating a variety of games. There's ways in various games to implement physical, um, well cosmetic, um, value in an NFT, like, you know, just as a super basic example, Pokemon would do like beauty contests where you like, you know, and then you win awards from it.So there's those ways to him. Actual value into the cosmetic tiers. Definitely a lot less in my opinion than the actual statistics of it. Um, yeah. I, you know, I find, I find myself agreeing with everything that you're saying there and what I like there, like every community associates status on different, like things like we project status onto the clothes we wear, the cars we drive and within a community of collectors around a clinic.Like collection of like, we've found a certain traits, even though they're not, the rarest are just more popular or more demanded. Cause they look cooler for whatever reason. So I, and, and something that I don't think either my brother, I set out to control, but we kind of had guesses and assumptions and ended up going to different.And that, that was like the cool thing about it. And I will say one thing. Um, about like the segue into, when you guys are going to launch your game in relation to mentoring your project is we did meant out in mid March. So we're, you know, three and a half months in and we still don't have our game. And the pressure that's put on what is the difference in attributes without having the game to be played with.It does create a certain amount of friction. That's more on us than the project or the idea. It's like, we just, the timeline of it all. And so having all of the, the, what we call it, layer one, like how you customize be related to a future game that you can't yet play, that you don't yet know how you will want to play.Like, do you want to be in assist? Do you want to be, you know, like it's, it's very, uh, Eh, we it's it's on us. And it's like something that I wish we had done differently, but it puts a lot of pressure on the decisions that are being made and where the status is going. Like status is kind of in the air with our project right now, because nobody knows.So, uh, on that note, when you guys met and when is the game coming out in relation to. Yeah. So the actual mint is still not determined the exact date, but it will be in may, uh, very likely in may. Um, and the game should be so it's actually, so we have actually two games currently in development that we're working on and the w this is actually something we struggled with early on, because we realized at some point during the process, like we.Don't want to release our native token. We don't really want to release our NFTs with a large buffer period in between mint and gameplay. Um, cause we want to be able to be able to stimulate the ecosystem. And as you said, kind of know their value, understand their value in some way. And it's in our initial plans for the project.We didn't actually have the game that we're releasing right now in that plan. Um, it's something that we realized. We want to do something for our community right away, and our sort of grander vision of our, um, PVP PVE ecosystem gaming platform, or a gaming. Game release is a more long-term project. It's like a one year, two year project that would then go out to alpha or beta and then still need continual development work and reiterations and things.Um, and so we were kind of like, well, how can we give members and users some sort of incentive? And it's funny because we just landed on. A much simpler game that is still really, really fun. Um, and we were like, wait, we actually really love this. And so we S we started building that out and, uh, that game is what our first game will be.It's called gladiators of cracking scrape. At least that's the title that we have right now. And it is a gladiator arena based. Inspired by rogue likes that we love roguelike video games like slay the Spire and FTL faster than light, where basically you engage in one B, one it's a tournament system. So think about, you know, a standard like Swiss tournament system, uh, where players play each other in an auto battle type way where you're upgrading your hearing.Uh, in between each battle, uh, using currency to buy, uh, different traits, upgrader your character. Uh, so it's really inspired by deck builders, but without the deck, essentially, because when we were looking back at like, sort of the spiral, like what's the fun part of that game? Is it actually the choices?Because generally those are kind of simple. I mean, sometimes they're complicated and it's hard and that's fun, but for the most part, you kind of know what you're going to do and it's just. Making sure you just do the right options in the right order. Um, but what's really fun about that is the in between of spending your currency, the risk versus reward of now versus later in the tournament and making sure that you make those decisions.It's like, oh man, I only have 20 coins left to spend. And, but there's this really cool weapon, but I also need to upgrade my health. And there's a, there's a battle coming up and what am I going to do? So it's like making those choices is something that was really important to us. We wanted to make a game that was, um, simple to, to design and get out in a short time period, but also incredibly complex.And the amount of, kind of decision-making you can, you can, uh, leverage in the game. Um, so that's what we're building right now. We expect that to be. In, uh, early release either at mint or very soon after. So, you know, hopefully within a few weeks, a few weeks to a month, uh, if that, um, so that's what we're really hoping for right now.We're in the early development stages of it. We have some visual representations of it yet that we're not ready to show to the public, but we've been kind of watching it and being like, oh, this is, this is gonna be cool. Um, but, uh, yeah, we have some great ideas for that too, because the nice thing about it is you can expand on it.So. This is a small thing, but something I just really like is we want to have these guys battle and it's a gladiator arena and, uh, in it, so a picture kind of like a mortal combat. Yeah, side by side, right where they're fighting. Um, and then it's a gladiator arena and there's like an audience sign them where you can see, um, the, the, all the empty seats and because it's viewable and watchable, we want it to be like an, a watchable game, like where you can watch a race and Zed run or, or these other platforms.So when you watch a game, when you watch a gladiator, If you own an NFT, your actual NFTE Sprite will be in the audience like watching the game. It's kind of fun because like, as a player, if you're playing in a fight, you can be like, you know, as the way the game will be structured a little bit is that first it's PVP for the first couple of games, while you build your character.And just random matchmaking and then you'll enter a tournament. And once those tournament matches start, there'll be kind of a leaderboard. So if at the top of the leaderboard, if you're in that top of the leaderboard, you'll be watching your match. And in the background of your characters, you see like an audience building up and it's like, everybody's watching.It'll be really funny. It'll be like, oh my gosh, people are watching that game. So it would be empty. Otherwise, if nobody's writing, you would actually no fans. That's a bummer too, because I think what's nice is you can layer in some more elements to that and kind of make it more of a complete simulation experience of like a gladiator arena, sort of in a way where you have like wagering that we could introduce as a system, we kind of want to build all these systems sort of model.As best we can. So we can just keep adding on layers of complexity as we need to, or keep it as simple. Like let's say, you know, I don't know. We have to spend more development time on our main game. It's still totally operational. Totally fun. Totally functional as is, but we can still expand on it and make it really, really interesting, uh, by adding other elements.Um, yeah, so hopefully to answer that was a long-winded way to answer your question. We pretty soon after after launch, but, uh, sorry. It's hard not to nerd out about it. Yeah, yeah, no, I think it's really great to hear that because. Um, something that I've kind of experienced, like in compared to like web two worlds, like with app development and website development, which is what me and my brother used to do prior to this is there's a lot more like patience and understanding as long as there's transparency in web three.Cause like we've got early. Who know that what they're getting is very new versus if you're trying to make an app, that's going to be compared to a very well established industry where every app out there is already amazing. Nobody has any patients. They'll give you a one-star review the first time something doesn't go the way you want.Right. Like, because you know, here we are three and a half months into our project. It definitely like we're, we're trying to the best we can to get our community the game. And, and I think that there's definitely some people who are getting a little impatient. Like, I think that as long as we keep offering to them updates and insights where we're at.So I'm only saying this for not necessarily for you, but for anybody else, watching who understands the complexity of development and wanting it to be perfect at a certain time, if it doesn't work out that way and you have a strong community, I do think that they'll, they'll stick with you. And that's something that we've noticed.We've actually never had more than 2% of. Unicorns listed for sale at one time. Like, you know, everybody talks about the diamond hand community with 12% listing, you know, w we, we were at like 1.7%, most of the time that we've had like inflationary aspects. So our, our community as slow as we've been to build our games, they've stuck with us and it's, it's been great.I think it's just. From the beginning, we were honest and truthfully, you know, it's going to take some time and, and, uh, we've, we've tried to deliver some people get a little upset when, when it gets pushed back, but that's just the way that development goes. So I guess I'll end with one more question because I'm sure you guys have a lot to do.I don't want to take up too much time, but where do you see the future? Or maybe just the next year or two of customizable NFTs? Not necessarily our projects, but are people going to come in for the game of vacation of NFTs or are more creators going to make things like this? Like what, what are you, what's your opinion?Yeah, I think the, just me personally, um, I think NFTs have a ton of uses. Maybe they have a ton of use cases. I think one of the best ones out there is video games. Um, I, I haven't personally seen a use case that I think is better for NFTs. Um, I'm sure there may be one. I just haven't seen it yet. Um, I think that.Just the concept of owning your inner game assets is huge. Um, like that alone, take out the decentralized aspects, take out the, um, W whatever else, like, even if it's just a video game creating its assets so that you can trade them on a secondary market, that aspect alone is huge. You know, going into Skyrim, owning your sword, that you just enchanted and saying like, oh, I own this.And then. Some huge player playing with it all the time, making YouTube videos and then being like, okay, I'm done with the game. I'm going to sell my sword. And it's like, it's like Michael Jordan selling his, you know, His shoes. It's like, I think it's huge. I think there's, I think there's no way. And in my personal opinion, that this goes away, um, for video games, I think it only is used more.And I think that customization is a really key aspect of that. Uh, Zach and I have struggled a little bit because. We're not huge in customization. A lot of times, Zach and I are varied. How do I win the game in the best way possible? Um, and, but we, we do know that status from the items is huge and we know that's an important factor and it always has been in video games since that started being a thing.Um, that's why literally Mario has various characters that literally all do the same. Um, you know, you can play as like in just traditional Mario part or not Mario party. Um, super Mario, you can play as Mario Luigi, toad, whatever. They all do the same thing, but it's like, what character do I like best literally doesn't do anything different, but you know, so that's an important part of it, for sure.Um, and I think customization is here to stick around too for, yeah. I, I, I think, I think just looking at the general. Marketing uptrend, I suppose, or like the pathway for video games, just in traditional form and how all of them have customization to some degree, there's clearly a market clamor for, for that element.Um, and so I think it's a, an element of games that, um, the early kind of NFE space maybe took for granted because, eh, but it's, it's funny too, because it's almost, it goes hand in hand, right? When you think entities and you think, oh, it's your own and you own it. I, why am I getting a random one? It's like that?Yeah. So I think it kind of fit too in our head. Um, and, and I don't know if this has been, this hasn't been super publicized, I guess, but the funny thing is it wasn't originally customized customizable, and we were actually a week or so. And hopefully this demonstrates our commitment to making something quality as a, as a pro.But, um, we like one or two weeks before we plan online. We were like, Why aren't people making like completely customizable NFTs, like during man that'd be so cool and fun conversation. And then we were like, oh God, we should do that. Huh? Yeah. Literally like literally a week before. So we talked about it, we talked it through, we were like, uh, we got to do that.We have to do this. Like we just like it too much. Um, um, we're, we're inspired by D and D and like in high fantasy games, you look at oblivion, you like a Skyrim. You look at like any of those RPGs you would play online. Where do you not customize your high fantasy character? Right. And, and, and, and the lower part of it is a big thing for us.Like we want to integrate our player's character into the lore. And if we have random characters that, you know, you're given like random names and random attributes, it's like, you don't really feel attached to them because they're not yours. So we wanted to give that space for users to genuinely genuinely create their own characters.Still allow the blank slate system where people can still create their new ones. And obviously it's not. You know, obviously when, when a character in a game becomes successful or good, or what have you, you don't see them and go like that. Like, oh, I wouldn't want everyone to play as that character either.So even if you're like new to the ecosystem, you can't afford a blank slate token, and you just have the options of characters. It's still pretty cool because even though you might not be able to have the opportunity, maybe you have to build up that money supply by playing our game and some more. But, uh, you still have that option to choose from, like Theo was just saying like, oh, you can play as Mario toad.You have a wide array of selections to choose from, from characters that have already been built up by people that have passion behind it and maybe even a lower history and fame behind it. Um, so I think that all builds into it and it's something we thought was really important. So that's kinda why we revamped everything made.Sure. You know, this is a lot more extra work, but it's extra work that somebody ought to be doing. So, and hopefully it inspires other people to do the same and maybe we can actually use our system to cause we have, uh, we've developed all the software for and everything so that you can customize it live at bedtime and all these things.So that's another potential thing is offering it to other projects maybe that want to use that same, same ecosystem. But yeah. Now, this is, this is great. I really appreciate you guys coming on and talking about, uh, just NFP stuff and your project. And whenever I know you said you don't have a mint date yet, or necessarily a launch date for your game, but when you do, please let us know.We'll do whatever we can to try to have. I think that you're doing a few of these types of conversations. And one of the things that just has sprung to my attention is that there's so much energy and attention, mostly in the media or whatever about scams and rug poles. And then the super high projects.They have a floor of $20,000. Right. And I just think. There's there's so many cool people doing cool things that are really good. And I think that if, if we can achieve these things and we reached the milestones, that there's going to be so many more things to talk about in a positive way around NFT. So I really appreciate, I can tell you guys are putting a lot into this.Really going forward an ambitious project and, and, um, yeah, it's just, it's just great to talk to some, some other creators like that. And so I appreciate you coming on and, and, uh, yeah, we'll be getting this video out live or not live. We'll getting it posted on, uh, on YouTube here soon. So thank you so much for talking.Yeah, thanks for having us on. We appreciate it. Yeah. If you made it this far, I hope you are now all about customization of NFTs. And if you're interested in trying to make your own project, please consider following and subscribing our channel. Cause we're gonna have a lot of content about how to make your own NFT are you're on NFT collections and I think customization and the ability to adapt your character the way you want is going to be a big part of the future of NFTs.

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