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3 Ways to Find the Value of a Project

Successful design needs to be in the correct context

UX designers; ask yourself why you need to do revisions? The easy cop-out is that the client is wrong or just changed their mind. In our experience if you have a good process for understanding the client’s needs and ask all the right questions from the beginning you should have to re-do very little.

Don’t get mad at the client, look in the mirror

It amazes us how many UI/UX designers don’t do any moodboarding then go scream on social about how dumb clients are. There are clients who can be hard to please, but they just need more collaborative moodboarding and better questions need to be asked. Difficult clients are just more likely to say what unhappy quiet clients won’t tell you. It helps to listen.

Clients know their business better than you do.

Another thing that has us wondering is how many designers talk about clients as if the client doesn’t even understand the business they own. How can this be? There are obviously skills and services that we offer as creative professionals that most people cannot do, but we don’t know their business better than them. As design focused branding specialists we need to bring our expertise to the conversation, but the client also needs to contribute their goals and ideas for us to build on.

We’re not making art. We’re creating a product that helps our client grow their business.

We need to respect and value the client’s understanding of their own business. Otherwise, we are making digital products for ourselves that intend to prove we are right. Design should never be created at the sake of the client’s business strategy. Stop looking at clients like neanderthals and gain their trust as an expert so that together we can do great work that helps their business grow while we make their product look nice and shiny.

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